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The oldest building basement store, rough building materials, çimentaş cement, white cement, white cement, çimsa çimsa Super sand, iron rods, bricks, steel, paint and hardware.
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Building Materials

Artwork Building Materials

in 1984, was founded to make the sale of works by building materials. The peninsula has realized numerous supply of materials for construction of the project. Dealerships of the industry's leading brands which holds the work of Bodrum's most expert, experienced and high-quality job with the understanding that its customers continue to serve under optimal conditions. Bodrum Çimentaş Cement The only authorized Master Dealer, Bodrum, Mugla Calypso Textile Super White Cement The only authorized Master Dealer, Bodrum Bodrum Bodrum iron & steel, sand, Bricks, Paint, Bodrum Bodrum Bodrum Atişkan plaster, Cubo Mesh Steel, rough Construction Materials contact us for Current prices. 0252 316 65 14

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